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The first question you might be asking is why does this website exist. Well, it really came about after I studied several web design courses with the Open University on web-design. This site is mainly here to put some of that theory into practice but I have also been meaning to get round to publishing my CV on the web for a while now.

As time goes by, I am looking to build on this basic site and incorporate things such as some dynamic content and eventually PHP/MySQL.

My Favourite Sites
Aston Villa FC Official website for the Villans
Tucows Excellent place for downloading software (most of it free)
CD-WOW The place to get all your CDs and cheap
More good sites....
Some Useful Utils
Copernic Probably the most useful tool of all on the net. Powerful search utility which uses all the major search engines at once
DigiGuide Cheap TV listings utility
More utilities....